4 Appointments x 90 MIN

  • Basics on the trampoline (how to jump correctly on trampolines, on a airtrack or into a airbag, how to jump correctly onto the blocks or in the inclined trampolines, how to use the trapeze right, basically tips and tricks for having fun in a trampoline park and moving safe on the trampolines // 1h)
  • Basicjumps (seat landing, tuck jump, stomach drop, back drop, use of training mat // 1,5h)
  • Challanges (simple exercises combined with a competitive feeling or cool stuff that can only be done in a trampoline park, Freestyle Pass Exercises // 1h)
  • Front Flip training (2h)
  • Warm Up, buffer time (40 min)


4 Appointments x 90 MIN

  • Skill Level Check (Check the participants’ skill)
  • Jumping Technique Explanation (how to jump somersaults, twists and combinations of different tricks)
  • Backflip, Sideflip, Doppelter Front Flip Training
  • Exercises to deepen what you have learned


1 Appointment x 60 MIN


Have you ever wondered about how to do a somersaults with twists? Then you came to the right place!


Our trained trampoline instructors support you in learning new skills and show you through appropriate preparatory exercises how to approach certain tricks. You don’t need any specific skills for a VIP course, our trainers fit the course to you and your goals. In this course you have the chance to make progress in a safe training environment. Our professionals will be happy to assist and motivate you.