Pure action at dizzy heights!

Get ready for climbing action up to 18m high, the longest indoor zipline in Europe, AirDrop from 11m and 3 routes for beginners to pros.



If you book 90 minutes or more, the use of the AIRTrail is included!

Access requirements?

To use our AIRTrail you must weigh at least 40kg and at most 130kg. In addition, a grip height of 1.80m is required.

Our high ropes course at a height of 8 to 18m offers you three different routes, each with different levels of difficulty, two Flying Foxes and an AirDrop. The high ropes course was built in strict compliance with DIN EN 15567-1 and also the operation is subject to the standards of DIN EN 15567-2.

In addition, we are a member of the IAPA association and also adhere to their strict regulations. Our continuous Rope Glider single belay system of class E is currently the safest on the market, as it is not possible to disengage during climbing.


First you take the Flying Fox 70m through the whole hall. Via our StAIRway to Heaven you climb our roof area in 18m height. This SkyNinja route is a real challenge. Mainly hanging elements, which demand all your power, will make your upper arms glow. The spectacular height and the special atmosphere under our roof will also amaze you. The slackline at the end is almost meant for resting.

The route is accessible for everyone, because you can skip the difficult elements and some elements have selectable difficulties. 


Elements: 14
Duration without waiting: about 18 minutes



You still don’t have enough and want to dare the free fall from 11m? With our specially approved Toppas belay device, you can safely land back on the ground with a fall speed of 0.8m/sec.


Important here: Hold on to the blue rope with both hands and leave them there when you land. After landing, please immediately bring your safety harness back up into the tower.

Blue route

With the Flying Fox 70m through the hall! After that, it’s mainly balance and a little overcoming that are required. On different elements you can prove that you can keep your balance even at a height of 8m. To get in and out of our tunnels you need skill and a bit of courage. At the end you will have a short ride on the surfboard. This route is ideal for beginners!


Elements: 7
Duration without waiting: about 12 minutes


Red route
With the Flying Fox 70m through the hall! For our moderately difficult, red route you need balance and a little strength as well as endurance. The various elements, such as the vertical timbers or the barrels are quite difficult and can no longer be completed in a walk. Look forward to the ride with the longboard.


Elements: 7
Duration without waiting: about 13 minutes