Jumping Rules


Jumping rules

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1 Person per Trampolin

Joint jumping leads to uncontrolled mutual catapulting and is very dangerous. High risk of injury.

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Objects that can endanger you or others while jumping are prohibited. Take off jewelry, watches, belts and cords before entering the jumping area. It is recommended to take off glasses or exchange them for sports glasses. Cell phones are prohibited on the jump area. Jump with completely empty pockets.

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Know your limits

Always remember, you jump at your own risk. Know your limits. Warm up before you attempt your first jumps. Take a break when you are exhausted. For this you have to leave the jumping areas. Relax on our beanbags or in the catering area.

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Jumping socks wear

Take off your normal socks and jump exclusively with the Airtime jumping socks. Wearing other stopper socks is not allowed.

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Show respect and attention.

Behave respectfully, responsibly, kindly and show consideration for others.

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Follow the CREW instructions

CREW-Anweisungen befolgen.

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In the event of an accident, inform the staff immediately

In case of an accident or damage, inform our AIRTIME- CREW immediately and do not jump further!

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Do not jump from the trampoline onto the walkways

The mats around the trampolines are a safety precaution and are not intended for landing.

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Do not run

Do not run in the hall and especially on the trampolines! ATTENTION! Danger of tripping and injury! Catching, hiding and other games are forbidden in AIRTIME!

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Do not climb on the attractions or crawl under the trampolines

1. Climbing on the side trampolines, nets, racks, walls and other structures is strictly prohibited!

2. There is a high risk of injury under the trampolines, you must not stay under them under any circumstances! If something falls under the trampoline, inform our CREW immediately!

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Tricks are only allowed if you are a skilled jumper

Untrained persons are not allowed to do this!

1. tricks are associated with high risks and can lead to (possibly also serious) injuries! Know your personal limit and do not exceed it!

2. in case of doubt, contact our CREW and make sure if you are confident with your new trick or if you still need some practice in the foam pit or in the airbag.

3. never jump in a way that

2. in case of doubt, contact our CREW and make sure if you are confident with your new trick or if you still need some practice in the foam pit or in the airbag.

3. never jump in a way that you land head first!

4. never jump head first or feet first into our airbags or foam pit.

(Foampit), but land on a large surface so that the airbags or cubes can cushion you well. Unsuccessful jumps, flips and tricks with head, back or neck landings are painful, dangerous and can lead to serious, health-threatening injuries! You should not take this risk!

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Always jump with both legs in the middle of the trampoline

Keep body tension, otherwise your knees could break your nose. Especially when jumping from trampoline to trampoline, land with both legs controlled in the middle of the jumping cloth, otherwise you could twist your ankle and injure yourself! Keep your mouth closed if possible and your tongue behind your teeth, otherwise you run the risk of biting yourself.

& and now enjoy jumping

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